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Twelve Snap-E Mousetraps with free Priority Mail Shipping

Twelve Snap-E Mousetraps with free Priority Mail Shipping


This value offer for twelve Snap E Mousetraps includes Priority Mail Shipping.

The best snap type mousetrap available is the Snap-E Mousetrap.  Often referred to as the Ultimate Mousetrap.

For trapping mice this is the easiest and cleanest snap type mouse trap available.  To set simply pull back on the upright bar until it locks in place. Captured mice are released by pulling back on the upright bar-you NEVER touch the mouse.  This IS a better mouse trap !!!


  • Simple, the ease of setting the trap is clearly superior.
  • Safe, your fingers need never be near the snapping end of the trap.
  • Sanitary, you never need to touch therodent to empty and reset the trap.
  • Fast. Vertical strike bar reaches the mouse in less time.  Traveling less distance.
  • Sure Catch.  large trap pan decreases stolen bait and misses.
  • Durable & Clean.  Made with polystyrene and steel for years of use. Easy to clean.
  • Efficient, the unique bait post and large trip paddle means rodents are caught immediately upon contact.
  • Made in the USA by Kness Mfg. Co. Inc.

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