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*6 Tip Trap Live Mousetraps. *Includes free shipping.

*6 Tip Trap Live Mousetraps. *Includes free shipping.

$15.50 $19.10

This value pack includes SIX of the Tip Traps and includes

*First Class shipping to any USA address the USPS deliver to.

Tip Trap Live Capture Mousetraps catch individual mice live and unharmed. Tip Trap live mouse traps are easy to use in your home or business. Captured mice can be safely transported and released without touching the mice.


  • Sanitary. Neat and clean mouse trapping. No need to touch the rodent.
  • Snap Free.  You never get snapped setting the trap for mice.
  • Durable mouse trap. Strong long lasting polypropylene construction.
  • Safe. No chemicals, poisons or snapping traps near children or pet.
  • Versatile. a mouse trap you can set anywhere, home, church, business or school.
  • Made in the USA.

Testimonial form a customer in Israel: "Just set up the Tip Traps I bought from you.  We caught a mouse in under 5 minutes! We're floored by this device! A tiny dab of Skippy peanut butter was all it took. No trap in Israel even comes close to this on. Thanks, and we'll be ordering more for our friends".

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