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.NoMol mole traps four pack of Mole traps, Free shipping

.NoMol mole traps four pack of Mole traps, Free shipping

$30.79 $34.49

4 NoMol traps  Mole traps for No Moles, including free first class shipping to any USPS address.

Catches Moles Voles and Shrews

This is for FOUR of the NoMol® mole traps  The most effective and economical mole trap on the market

Each box comes complete with four traps four wooden stakes and very clear directions for setting  

NoMol traps are Very easy to set  

The NoMol is very effective at removing lawn damaging moles and they are extremely safe due to their underground placement

The stakes can be pushed down to allow you to mow over the set traps

They catch moles shrews and even voles

 These traps have been plated with a Zinik plating  Zinik has proven to be highly rust resistant and will ensure that your NoMol traps last for many years

The plating is a dark green in color and will blend in very well when placed in the moles tunnel system

Customer comments:  

"I got the mole traps yesterday put a set out and this morning I checked them and I caught one.  was so excited like a child in a candy store!!   thanks so much!!   sincerely  Brian" (Minnesota)

"Wow!!!  I purchased 4 of the no mol traps and do they really work.  I caught 5 moles in two days.  I've tried all the other traps that they make and never ever caught a lousy mole before. Thought they were impossible to trap,  but now I'm the talk of the neighborhood....Thanks Fred"

 NoMol Traps are European designed and made in the USA

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