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Pro-Ketch Mouse Trap with Free Priority Mail shipping.

Pro-Ketch Mouse Trap with Free Priority Mail shipping.


Includes Free Priority Mail Shipping to any USA address the USPS delivers to.

This professional quality multiple catch mouse trap is always set. The trap requires no re-setting or winding to catch mice.  The compact low profile design allows this mouse trap to be set under furniture, pallets and in confined areas.

Trapping tips: place trap tight against the wall with entrance hole next to wall  Place a Pro-Ketch Mouse Glue Board inside the trap to expedite trap maintenance (Pest Removal) and increase sanitation by holding foreign material such as feces, hair and potentially airborne particles in place.


  • Compact size
  • Durable. Galvanized steel for years of mouse maintenance.
  • Made in the USA, Kness Mfg Co., Inc
  • Easy maintenance. Clear lid for fast, clean inspection.
  • Uses no poisons or harmful chemicals.
  • Clean. May be used in USDA and FDA inspected facilities.
  • Easy to use and reuse.
  • Multiple mouse capture in one setting.
  • Clear lid for inspection.

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