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Spray Prood Skunk Trap, Used and cleaned and reconditioned. A305

Spray Prood Skunk Trap, Used and cleaned and reconditioned. A305


One USED Spray Proof Skunk trap.

This trap is used and totally refurbished. Trap has some cosmetic issues but operates as good as new.

The Spray Proof Skunk trap has thousands of skunks to its credit.

Easily allows homeowners and professional wildlife control agents to capture and transport live skunks without the worry of being sprayed or injured. absolutely the best way to safely catch and move skunks. The captured skunk can not arch its back, raise its tail or see out and will not spray. A real skunk catching machine.

Features of the Spray Proof Skunk Trap:

  • Spray proof. Also protected from bites and scratches.
  • Enclosed. Safe around pets and people.
  • Catch is out of sight.
  • Safe for the skunk and the operator.
  • Spring loaded door.Works on sloped and flat surfaces.
  • Also and excellent trap for small animals like rabbits,squirrels, mink, cats etc..
  • Trap is approximately 6 inches in diameter and 24 inches long.
  • Trap body is made from light but durable PVC.
  • Observation holes to confirm the catch.

Customer Comments:

"Trap worked great. We used baloney. Skunk didn't spray. Skunk didn't get hurt. I didn't get hurt.  It was good for transport.  I even let him ride in the back seat of the car...It was a little harry getting him out unharmed but mission accomplished!!!! Trap doesn't even smell like skunk, and he was huge.  Thanks again"  Chad.

"I caught the skunk and she's gone.Thanks again"  Dave.

"Dear Rodentman: I recently purchased a spray-proof skunk trap from you.  IT IS AWESOME. I'm 2 for 2. The second skunk, a BIG MALE...He was pissed!!..Scratch two skunks! No spray, no problems...Thanks, Roger"  From Illinois.

"Well, the skunk trap works well! I applied the bait and trailing at the first try.  I caught a second this same way-also successfully...... Thanks for a good product."  Paul 

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