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Stick-All Mouse and Insect Trap Cover

Stick-All Mouse and Insect Trap Cover


The ultimate mouse glue trap and monitoring system.

This cover encloses the Stick-All mouse glue traps. A Stick-All glue trap is included with each cover.

This is a clean and safe method of catching mice and insects with an enclosed glue trap.

The Stick-All trap Cover is made from super resilient advanced technology plastic.  It has no moving pats--which means no chance of mechanical failure.  Its ingenious design leads pest right to the sticky surface of the enclosed Stick-All glue trap.


  • The Stick-All Cover keeps the enclosed glue trap out of the reach of children and pets.
  • No dangerous chemical or poisons.
  • The Stick-All Trap Cover is a heavy, low profile design suitable for use in a home or commercial area.
  • This is environmentally safe and is non-mechanical, no moving parts.
  • A Stick-All glue board and a stick on service record is included.
  • Stick-All Mouse and Insect Trap Covers are made in the USA by Kness Mfg.

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